About Grz Gaming Limited

  • 2020 Officially Established
  • DIGITAL Trading & Services Platform

Grz Gaming Limited is an established global digital goods and services platform for gamers, game developers and publishers. A technology company specializing in electronic voucher distribution software solutions for vouchers, recharge cards, gift cards, real-time transactions and bill payments.

Whether businesses/resellers wish to distribute their own virtual products or resell GRZ GAMING’s range of products, we have a solution to meet almost any business case. And if it does not exist, we might just create it if it makes business sense to do so.

  • Our Missions
  • To develop the best online game digital goods distribution platform.
  • To be a customer-centric company by provide best services to our partners and customers.
  • To empower gamers make a living playing games.
  • Customer Service Excellence We are dedicated to satisfying customer needs with excellent service.
  • Integrity We act with integrity and honesty in all areas.
  • Respect We treat our staff, customers, partners and suppliers with respect and sensitivity. We respect all individual and value their contribution.
  • Teamwork Our team supports each other, care for each other both personally and professionally.